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Entry #4

Why should I make a decent news post?

8/3/11 by BumFodder
Updated 2 weeks ago

It will only be like all other news posts, where people put all the funny stuff they find, thinking people will care.

Anyway, Im just glad that where I live is a far cry from Norway.


random touhou stuff that I uploaded for future use

10k forum posts now innit

internet back

also please fan me so I can beat nor

sevkitty back up :)

please join









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13 hours ago

I don't use fluoride, can't stand the sorbitol and extra poisonous saccharin. So I usually dunk the brush in some rubbing alcohol, fling off the excess and brush. Once in a while I'll use baking soda.


20 hours ago

No clue, but I probably had a bristle stick into a cavity. Then the germs followed. They say gingivitis is bad, but there seem to be different varieties that combine to protect exposed tooth roots :\

16 hours ago BumFodder responds:

What kind of toothpaste do you use? The normal kind just destroys the stained top layer of enamel to make it look white again which isnt really useful as the other kinds of toothpaste.


1 day ago

I overbrushed my teeth 2 weeks before last year's meet, and a back tooth got infected badly, before I could dab it with rubbing alcohol on a Q-tip. The infection ran so deep, I could only kill about 2 hours worth of germs, before the pain would wake me up.

21 hours ago BumFodder responds:

How did you manage to overbrush so much taht you got an infection lol


3 days ago

Sure, it'll be no problem! We're all in this together mate. Just hope Nor hangs on... he still posts in the sevkitty BBS, yes? Wade had something to say about Sevkat last year... I just blocked out the details, sounded pretty gross, especially when I was in pain and hadn't had any sleep for 2 weeks.

2 days ago BumFodder responds:

Yeah Nor is still around on sevkitty and steam everyday, he will be glad to know if he does get it back.

What exactly is this about Sevkat though lol, and why hadnt you slept for two weeks?


3 days ago

I'll see Wade in a few days, what should I tell him? I'm no Phoenix Wright, Ace Attorney, but Wade is probably one of the coolest guys I've ever met, as such, I may be able to coax him.

3 days ago BumFodder responds:

Nor got banned on his normal account while he was using an alt and didnt mean to ban evade at all, he said he doesnt mind if he cant use alts again as long as he can have his normal account back. He is very sorry and didnt mean to do any of this at all.

Thanks for helping by the way ;)


4 days ago

Gotta fry spam, cube it or cut it into strips for noodle or lettuce salads and such... it's the posh version of pink slime :)

4 days ago BumFodder responds:

I dont like pink slime though lol


5 days ago

Is Nor ever actually coming back?

4 days ago BumFodder responds:

I dont think wade is unbanning him


8 days ago

Interesting... it can be notably cheaper here! The more processed, the cheaper it is, mainly 'cause the crap they grind up is pretty bottom barrel, and the poor non union Mexicans literally risk life and limb to do it.... which always makes me wonder about tuna in the can.....

Some notable exceptions are corn chips, and sometimes potato chips (crisps), chocolate, Spam... but the frozen processed gunk is pretty cheap. And steer meat is going to be even pricier this year (midwest drought)... and I'm all outta deer meat :(

5 days ago BumFodder responds:

Spam is expensive? Spam is disgusting though lol


9 days ago

Meat prices are mad here too, except for the fast food crud, since it's been subsidized by uncle sam, ever since since the Nixon administration... courtesy of a Mr. Butz |:

You'd think there was a war on, everyone eating from Victory gardens

9 days ago BumFodder responds:

How cheap is processed food in america? Here its just as expensive as fresh food usually so theres no point getting it unless youre lazy at cooking or something.


10 days ago

Here's a good one: A few miles away to the south, lives an old chicken and pig farmer. He came off the boat from Sweden a long time ago. My father knew him for a great many years, outlived him in fact.

Anytime we caught a groundhog in a trap, he'd take it over to him for 4-10$ depending on size. The critter would get dropped into a large 55 gallon drum, with a 4"x4" wooden post inside. That old 2 meter high guy would bash the head in, give it to his wife to gut, peel and cook |:

10 days ago BumFodder responds:

Gruesome but tasty lol, nice deal too. Wish meat was that cheap around here.


12 days ago

I like the idea of paying politicians and judges and such, a huge salary, over 200,000 a year. Then spend some money on full time investigators. And there goes the incentive to do bad things. I think Singapore does that.

Yeah, my cousin bought a hunting permit, and can now hunt in certain State park holdings. But before that, it was privately owned, and my cousin knew the owner, so, he had a deer stand, got 2 last year. I still have some deer/pork chop meat (hamburger meat) in the freezer... gonna make tacos soon!

10 days ago BumFodder responds:

I know it sounds kind of obvious but if politics were much less corrupt it would be so much better

I love venison, really tasty if you do it right


12 days ago

Yeah, the word-smithing by the media and the flipacoin politicians, have been going on, longer than I've been around. It's just marketing, not even a solid platform for either party, not that they'd follow it anyway... it's all about the money. You know, sentator's aides are the ones who make over 25% on their financial investments? They're the ones who write the laws that get passed lol |:

It's funny, but in my State, there's public parks and only slightly public parks (undeveloped land/preserved)... my cousin has a permit to shoot in state parks, which was where he was hunting before the neighbors sold out to the county, which in turn, gave it to the state...

12 days ago BumFodder responds:

Yeah theres way too much money involved, it should be more regulated like it is here so the poltical parties cant just gain insane money from donations and spam adverts on tv.

Cant he shoot in it anymore?


12 days ago

Why does the Centre always get the love?

Its always Centre right or Centre left.

Give the Far out people some love.

12 days ago BumFodder responds:

The far out people dont have much love to give :(


12 days ago

A lot of people here think the Democratic party got hijacked by these 'progressives', and are really out to make the US a *very* socialist state.... and that's not gonna work here! Our cornerstone as a people, was that we helped each other 'pay it forward' (free help and materials by citizens for citizens). That's now been replaced by fear of local socializing, so the county state and federal folks stepped in to tax us into what we used to do normally... it's complicated.

Yeah, not many public woods by you to even bother shooting edible critters, I'd guess.

12 days ago BumFodder responds:

American politics seems to be far too influenced by the media, not so long ago the terms 'progressives' and 'liberal' werent even used in america, and the parties werent associated with animals.

Now you have people who geniunely think obama is a muslim despite the obvious fact hes catholic, and people who think that liberal means leftist when in fact its something more associated with the right, the liberal left barely exists in any country, especially because the word term leftism is associated with something very unliberal (less free economy).

In Europe, Obama would be centre right, and anyone the republicans give out would be more towards the radical right, despite the fact that America used to be a very leftist (I cant remember the names of the movements) which is where the helping thing came about in america. I agree that its all been replaced by media scare.

There are a lot of public woods but shooting in them is illegal lol, you have to go to private woods to do that.


12 days ago

Oh yes he is, and so is Hillary Clinton, mastermind of our ill conceived Federal healthcare. They're calling them 'progressives' now, but any name they choose, still smacks of socialism/communism.

That's not bad. Do you have any experience with guns?

12 days ago BumFodder responds:

Obama and Hillary arent socialists but they are progressives, that doesnt make them any less rightist than they are though (which is very).

Ive never tried shooting a gun before, no one bothers getting them. Its not that theyre illegal or hard to get, its just that no one ever wants to bother.


2 weeks ago

Even my poor mother was brainwashed into Obama... you never vote for socialists when the economy is down, but, the press was co opted into rolling over us...

Would it be terribly invasive if you were to apply for a gun permit? It is here, to some degree...

13 days ago (Updated 13 days ago) BumFodder responds:

Obama isnt a socialist though lol

If you applied for a gun here theyd just ask you why you wanted it and what experience you have with guns.


2 weeks ago

I can shoot, but not like I used to. If a raccoon or groundhog makes an appearance, I can blast it, but there's all these houses on the farm's perimeter.. McMansions, big money. Plus I live in a socialist (blue/democratic party) state, which means I can't practice or shoot too close them :\

The way things are going, a drone would be cheaper than shotugn shells, to shoo the deer away... not that I'd shoot them anyway (unless it was fall/winter and I could make use of the meat).

2 weeks ago BumFodder responds:

I knew there was a socialist part in america but I didnt think anyone voted for them lol.

And good thing that venison is tasty, id love to hunt and eat deer


2 weeks ago

It does say in the fine print, 'get banned and use an alt, pay the price' :\ Surprised he said anything to get banned anyway, unless it was a robo-ban in Chat.....

Dirt farm, used to grow lots of stuff, but the deer are everywhere and I can't shoot anymore, only shoo >:( Hopefully I can build a drone or something before the cowards in DC make it illegal or something.

2 weeks ago BumFodder responds:

It seems wade is trying to find out who locked his account so it seems he might get it back :)))

Why cant you shoot anymore?


2 weeks ago long's Nor been missing? I like him.

Ah, from age 7 to today, I've always been working the farm, but to varying degrees, depending on how much or how little money I was making at the time.

2 weeks ago BumFodder responds:

Nors still around but the other day he accidentally posted on an alt without realised he was banned and got his accounts disabled, and hes too shy to ask to get them enabled again :(

And it sounds quite nice to have something to fall back on like that, what kind of farm is it?


2 weeks ago


2 weeks ago BumFodder responds:

RIP Nor :(


2 weeks ago

Ditchdigger, mostly during the summer recess (spreading 10cm rock around so it's perfectly level wasn't fun, but you learn fast to save energy, my Pop couldn't understand); carried (2) 5 gallon pails of water to the garden (no irrigation, and hose water had just got toxic the year we moved up to the farm). Started that around age 8. That's why I'm a lazy, PC eating fuck just now :|

2 weeks ago BumFodder responds:

lol at least you have a good excuse I suppose. Did you work on the farm then?


2 weeks ago

Yeah, I used to as well. Your mind just springs at the idea of food, maybe to pre salivate whatever it is, we haven't even put our mouths on yet! I was a very hungry and overworked child.

2 weeks ago (Updated 2 weeks ago) BumFodder responds:

Sounds like you had a hard working childhood


2 weeks ago

i love sneezing

2 weeks ago BumFodder responds:

gay ;)


2 weeks ago

Eh, sneezing really jolts you, much better to stand up to sneeze... spread the blood pressure jolt though the whole body.

Weirdest stupid human trick I saw, was saliva 'ejaculation' |: Not spitting though, this one kid I knew could open his mouth, and like a snake spitting venom, a stream of saliva would just shoot out of his mouth, ick.

2 weeks ago BumFodder responds:

Ive done that a lot of times before by accident, no idea how I did it lol. Its when I open my mouth in a particular way, luckily no ones ever noticed me accidentally spitting on them.


3 weeks ago

It's really strange, a sneeze every second, for 5-12 seconds! She's kinda grown out of it thankfully.

2 weeks ago BumFodder responds:

Better than a coughing tic I suppose


3 weeks ago

I've got a cousin by marriage who's got the head tick, but no spontaneous cussing... also has machine gun fire sneezing fits too. There were 2 in the school I went to; now they have a 'special' school to go to, right around the corner from me.

3 weeks ago BumFodder responds:

Ive never heard of sneezing tics before lol


3 weeks ago

I prefer Tourette's to stuttering, but neither seem to translate well here in the digital domain... Ever go to school with someone who had Tourette's syndrome? Wikipedia says folks usually grow out of it.

3 weeks ago BumFodder responds:

Ive seen a few people with it and it just seems to mostly be random physical tics


1 month ago


1 month ago BumFodder responds:

h-hi senpai




3/18/14 BumFodder responds:

hi gay



Född av furste. Krigare. Kejsare. Härskare.
Kropp av ben. Inget hjärta. Döpt i blod. Själlös. Livlös.
Kropp av ben. Folkets hjälte. Vilar här
Kropp av ben. Inget hjärta. Döpt i blod. Själlös. Livlös

3/18/14 BumFodder responds:


Fairly certain he's human... maybe not raised by humans though.

3/5/14 BumFodder responds:

Born to humans, raised by bots

They didn't have a name for it in the 70's, but it's Aspergers :| They used to call it a bunch of things, but hyperlexia was the sexiest one I recall.
I wonder where supergandhi64 fits in that pie chart...

3/3/14 (Updated 3/3/14) BumFodder responds:

Hes probably 10% of the non-human traffic

I should really keep in mind, your fetish for good infographics

3/2/14 BumFodder responds:

Im not that surprised to be honest, traffic is the number one weapon on the internet.

I never got diagnosed with Asperger's, per se, but in the 70's I was told there was a very noticeable mental disorder popping up in new humans, and I was one of them :p

You been staying dry? Heard about some more flooding, but I guess that's more a problem to the North.

3/2/14 (Updated 3/2/14) BumFodder responds:

What was the disorder?

Also theres no flooding here lol, the city I live in is built on chalk cliffs. There is an underground river that goes through town but we didnt get anywhere near as much rain here than other places did.

are you hacker? "XD"

2/21/14 BumFodder responds:




I love maps of ethnicities and graphs.

2/15/14 (Updated 2/15/14) BumFodder responds:

Ill put more up then when I feel less sick



fu shitlord

2/10/14 BumFodder responds:





2/7/14 BumFodder responds:





2/6/14 BumFodder responds:

hi nor :PPPPP


2/6/14 BumFodder responds:




Up down up down

2/5/14 BumFodder responds:

le cheat code face



Right right.

2/4/14 BumFodder responds:

Left left

u wog m8?

2/2/14 BumFodder responds:

m8 dont call me a wog u cheeky cunt innit bruv



fucking wot

2/1/14 BumFodder responds:

u wot m8



I don't like video games.

1/21/14 BumFodder responds:

FUck you Nemo



I found your NG account honeh, NOW ADD MY ASS TO YO FRANDS LIST :D :D :D :D ya foreskin :P

1/20/14 BumFodder responds:

foreskin :)




1/17/14 BumFodder responds:





1/14/14 BumFodder responds:





Dear friend? y-you didnt have to

1/14/14 BumFodder responds:


Im not a liar xD

1/11/14 BumFodder responds:

xD 